EDGE & Ambre Blends: Women’s Event Recap

For our June Women’s Event, we were honored to feature Ambre Blends, a women-owned business based here in Indianapolis. The brand specializes in organic body products and fragrance, all of which are created, packaged and shipped right from their building.

Ambre Blends began in 2001 as a small basement project fueled by a passion for products that are 100% pure and natural. Now, the fragrances and body products are sold nationwide, and the brand has even been featured in Vogue. 

The catch? They’ve achieved this success with very little (if any) actual marketing. With the rise of social media, Ambre Blends has leveraged their strong following (9,000+ Facebook likes, 1,000+ Twitter followers and 5,000+ Instagram followers) to build the brand that it is today. Their real secret to success, however, has always been word-of-mouth. 

Last week, 40 women gathered at the Fishers location of Dottie Couture boutique (another local and woman-owned business!) for an inspirational evening of discussion and Q&A with the founder, Ambre Crockett, and the director of sales, Stephanie Harris. Get a glimpse of the event below! 

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