About EDGE

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Indianapolis, EDGE is a mission-driven, principles-based, faith-led national nonprofit that advances whole-person development by empowering meaningful relationships among diverse groups of people.

EDGE believes people grow best in community and that every individual should be equipped to live a fully integrated life elevated by the power of relationships, leadership, and impact. EDGE delivers intentionally designed, time-bound programs with measured outcomes in the areas of group mentoring, community events, and leadership development.

Our Mission is Simple.

Whole-Person Development.

EDGE Core Values

Our values guide all we do and help us work toward common goals.

At EDGE, its in our DNA to:

Be Curious and Inquisitive

  • exhibit genuine interest in continuous learning of self, others, and the world
  • actively seek new knowledge and skills
  • ask hard questions, without bias or fear, to arrive at the truth

Act With Intention

  • create and execute by design, not default
  • communicate with purpose and care
  • impact others by choice, not by chance

Show Up Invested Every Day

  • demonstrate deep conviction and commitment to our core focus
  • give our very best (talent, time, energy, effort, and focus)

Prioritize Relationships

  • purposefully connect with, and be available and helpful to, members of our community
  • establish genuine, engaging relationships among ourselves and those we serve
  • work in transparency and openness, not in isolation

Practice Servant Leadership

  • influence with integrity, humility, and an others-first mindset;
  • listen receptively and nonjudgmentally, seeking first to understand;
  • value and appreciate people for who they are, not just for what they contribute;
  • freely give trust to others and earn trust through authenticity and dependability;
  • keep people and purpose in our hearts, displaying empathy, kindness and generosity; and
  • treat others with respect, as we want to be treated ourselves

EDGE Leadership Team

Jack Nikcevich

Executive Director

Kristen Campbell

Executive Programs Director