Give the gift of mentoring from anywhere

EDGE Space is where community meets whole-person development. Hundreds of EDGE Mentors have successfully created safe spaces for people all over to connect by bringing their whole selves to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. You can be next.

Lead a mentoring group formed by design, not default

EDGE|Groups are designed around the passions, skills and life experiences of each mentor. The first, and most important, step on your journey is to complete the mentor questionnaire and tell us more about yourself, your previous mentoring experience, and who, why, and how you feel drawn to lead.


Match with mentees seeking your contribution

Through the EDGE design process, you’ll be matched with 5 to 7 individuals in a cohesive group poised to thrive under your specific leadership and talents, giving you the space and confidence to positively impact lives.

Bridge the gap between work, home, and faith 

Meet virtually every other week to navigate whole-person development for one year. Get connected to the broader EDGE community of 2000+ individuals, and benefit from regular training and development opportunities. 

Empower the next generation of leaders

With no curriculum requirements, you choose the material right for your group. EDGE provides you with tools to step into each conversation with confidence so you can empower your mentees to show up as their authentic selves.


Mentor Impact

As a mentor, you create a space for individuals to discover their authentic selves, find community, be challenged personally and professionally, and grow spiritually. When people have a safe place for reflection, growth, and connection, it changes how they show up in the world. Use the knowledge and wisdom you’ve received to leave a legacy of impact today. If you’re ready to live out your purpose to advance whole-person development, we have your next assignment!