Mentee Spotlight: Kirby Green


One of the unique aspects of EDGE’s mentoring program is its ability to connect people across different states. Kirby Green is a testament to that.

While living in Indianapolis, her bible study teacher – who was an EDGE mentee at the time – encouraged her to learn more about it. “I love how EDGE fosters that ‘let-me-tell-you-about-this-awesome-organization’ effect on those who are part of it,” Kirby said. Since then, Kirby has moved to Kentucky and started a family, but her relationship with her EDGE mentor and EDGE group have only strengthened over time.  

“Without a doubt, EDGE has provided me with some of the most encouraging relationships I have as a young professional,” she said. “Now with four years of involvement, I can look back and say that EDGE has been transformational in my career and in my walk with the Lord. Specifically, I think back to the time frame when my first child was born. My EDGE group alone was one of the most sustaining and uplifting groups I had in my life, and I’m forever grateful.”

From job relocations to welcoming children into the world, my EDGE mentor and group have been there for every hill and valley.

Aside from the encouraging and supportive nature of her EDGE group, what Kirby loves most about it is the focus on living out the Gospel in every aspect of life. “We will spend time on a professional development book or discussion and always focus on tying it to the Gospel and what that means for our lives,” she said. “My EDGE group is full of incredible women that are doing big things for the Kingdom in the workplace, in their families and in their communities.”

As for her mentor, Valerie Jones,
Kirby can’t imagine her life without her guidance and their conversations – which have led to some of the biggest breakthrough moments in both her career and personal life. “Valerie draws from her own experiences in the workplace to walk alongside our EDGE group members, but she’s also the best at simply listening and asking questions,” Kirby said. “I feel like there isn’t a scenario, question or idea that I can’t call her about. That’s probably the best thing about her.”

One of Kirby’s pivotal career breakthrough moments with her mentor happened over lunch at a McAlister’s Deli. “After my first child was born, Valerie told me that as a mother who works outside of the home, I didn’t have to try to ‘do it all,’” Kirby said. “She told me to find opportunities to delegate and to rest. It was both life-giving and freeing in that season of life – she transformed the way I thought about this and lived it out.”

But Kirby’s EDGE mentor serves as more than just a source of wise words – Valerie has also taught her mentees that there’s often more value in shutting up and showing up instead. “Valerie shows up in our lives with coffee dates, handwritten cards and Christmas ornaments for newborn babies,” said Kirby. “Our EDGE friend Bob Goff would call that ‘love does.’”

From Kirby’s EDGE experience stemmed her personal mission to give young professionals the opportunity to experience conversations like the many she has shared with Valerie. The Sharpen podcast – named after Proverbs 27:17 – shares the EDGE mission of sharpening the influence of millennials.  

“I love listening to podcasts while driving for work and was searching for one geared entirely to young professionals, while encouraging this audience with strong examples of leadership in the workplace,” said Kirby. “It’s a podcast structured like the conversations that take place among EDGE mentees and mentors.”  

Check out Kirby’s podcast here. Episode 4 features our own CEO Dave Neff and the topic of mentorship!

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