EDGE Mentoring is all about helping as many people as possible to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually so that they can grow into the very best version of themselves and feel equipped to bring their whole selves to the virtual table every day, everywhere, and in every way.

We’re on a mission to impact as many lives as we can because everyone is deserving of a mentoring experience that will shape, influence, and impact them in a way that honors the person they were created to be.

Our Impact

As of today, EDGE Mentoring has directly impacted the lives of nearly 2,000 individuals through our group mentoring and leadership development programs. And our goal over the next ten years is to reach more than 10,000 individual lives impacted by our mentor groups alone. 

Who We Serve


EDGE Mentees are primarily seeking community. They want to be connected with growth-minded peers who have similar interests, aspirations, and challenges and who are in a similar stage of life. They seek access to a seasoned, trustworthy mentor who can impart on them wisdom, perspective, and guidance – and who will love them as they are. They crave a group that will challenge and support them towards whole-person development whereby they are focused with intention on growing in every aspect of life.

EDGE mentees typically range from 22-to-37 years old with the average age being 30
60% of EDGE mentees are female and 40% are male
95% of EDGE mentees are working adults whereas 5% are students
75% of our mentees live in Indiana with the remaining 25% living in 29 other U.S. states and 6 countries outside the U.S.


EDGE Mentors are also primarily seeking community. They, too, want to feel plugged in and connected to a group that fuels them and loves them for who they are. They have typically achieved a certain level of “success” in their lives and are hungry to give back and to pour into others as they have likely been poured into.

They want to share their experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) so that others can learn and grow from them. They want to leave a legacy of good and to make a positive, lifelong impact on others.

  • The average age of EDGE mentors is 47
  • 55% of EDGE mentors are female and 45% are male
  • 84% of our mentors live in Indiana with the remaining 16% living in 6 other U.S. states

EDGE mentors come from the following professions:

Professional Coach
Vice President

Reach Out

If you or someone you know is interested in finding a mentor or becoming a mentor, please use these links to complete the application. EDGE facilitates Mentor Groups at no charge to Mentees and EDGE Mentors volunteer their time because they are committed to whole-person development.