Experience the power of mentoring from anywhere

If you want to find community and develop into the very best version of yourself, you’ve got to be intentional about it. We’ve matched thousands of individuals with mentors in groups of growth-minded peers. You can be next.

Learn from a mentor ready to lead

Finding a mentor can be really hard. Let EDGE do the work for you. Complete our member questionnaire and tell us about yourself, the skills you hope to learn, and how you want to grow. EDGE|Groups are designed around the unique strengths and experiences of each mentor, so this first step is key to finding your best fit.

The Mentee Experience

Get matched to a group unique to your needs

It’s never been more important to plug into a community that supports your growth. Through our design process, you’ll be matched to a mentor with the life experiences and skills to help you achieve your specific goals, and a group of carefully selected, growth-minded peers to encourage you on your journey.

Bridge the gap between work, home, and faith

Our whole-person approach gives you space to be open and honest. Show up (virtually) as your authentic self every other week, and receive a community that meets you right where you are. No curriculum requirements means you and your peers have the freedom to choose the material right for your group.

Navigate life transitions in a supportive community

Leaving college, getting married, starting a family, or looking to elevate your career? Not only will your EDGE Group have the skills, life experiences, and/or network to guide you on your journey, you’ll be connected to the broader EDGE community for ongoing support.


You were made to continuously grow. By investing in yourself over the course of EDGE’s 12-month mentoring program, you’ll have access to events, tools, and guest speakers to inspire and challenge you to show up differently in the world. And you’ll have authentic relationships to cheer you on for years to come!