EDGE Mentee Highlight: Chance Benbow – Mainstreet VP of Marketing

Chance graduated with a degree in Marketing Communications from Anderson University in 2010, where he also served as a captain of the football team.  

Chance co-founded a full-service branding agency shortly after college and helped grow that business north of $1M in revenue in just several years.

Now, Chance is the VP of Marketing for Mainstreeet in Carmel, Indiana and he recently joined EDGE Mentoring as a member of Tom Eggleston’s EDGE group.

Only being 27, Chance has established himself as one of the best young marketers in the Midwest and has gained a large amount of marketing experience so early in his career.

First things first, tell us about where you work and what your role is there? 

Mainstreet is a national real estate company specializing in development, investments and health solutions. We’re the country’s largest developer of Transitional care properties and named the #1 fastest growing company in Indiana in 2014. I’m the Director of Marketing. Day to day, I oversee brand management and design, advertising, events, hospitality and manage our various ad agency relationships.


Why did you decide to work for Mainstreet or what lead you there?

Our CEO, Zeke Turner. He is a great leader and empowers others well. He also sets the tone for our incredible culture that permeates throughout the company. Plus, Mainstreet was on the cusp of massive growth as I was considering joining. I was the 24th employee at the beginning of 2014. Today, we have nearly 100 employees. 

What do you love most about Mainstreet?

The company culture. We have a hospitality team in-house who’s dedicated to creating a great experience for Mainstreet employees and guests of the office each day. We also have some cool benefits- unlimited PTO, free lunch and a wellness allowance.


What does Mainstreet do exactly?

Quite simply, Mainstreet has an expertise in two things: raising capital and developing health care properties- the two work hand in hand. We raise all the necessary capital (debt and equity) that is then deployed to fund the development of our best-in-class health care properties. We don’t develop nursing homes. Our product is much different. They are Transitional care properties- a product that’s amenity rich, focused heavily on physical rehab, with an average guest stay of fewer than 50 days.


Your company has grown pretty fast, what is it like being a leader in a fast paced growth environment? 

It’s a blast. While our core competency is development and investments, we’ve begun expanding into things like Private Equity, Insurance and Student Housing as well. Being a part of those initial conversations and discussing the “why”, “how” and “when” is very fun.


Tell us about your four core competencies Love, Faith, Hope & Excellence and what impact that has on your culture.

Those are inspired by Romans chapter 12 verses 1-13. They’ve shaped the way people treat one another around the office. Being a Christian isn’t a prerequisite at Mainstreet by any means, but it does shape our culture, and the decisions Zeke and our leaders make on a daily basis.


Changing speed, so you’re a part of this organization called EDGE Mentoring, tell us why you decided to join? 

After initially chatting with Dave Neff, EDGE seemed like a great place for me to learn what it means to be a good man and I want to continue to grow as a disciple of Christ, husband and executive. I think EDGE will be instrumental in all three of those areas.

Learning from men who have either been around the block or who are going through the same things I desire, makes for an incredible opportunity for community and accountability.

Mainstreet is one of the top 10 fastest growing real estate companies in the nation, recording almost $120 Million in revenue in 2014, with over $1.2B in development pipeline for the upcoming year.  They have created almost 4,000 jobs over the past 5 years which ranks them as one of the top three job creators in Indiana over that period.

You can learn more about Mainstreet by visiting their website here. 

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