Should You Find A Mentor? Yes! Unlock Your Career Growth

Why You Should Find A Mentor: Unlock Your Career Growth - EDGE Mentoring

In this post you will hear from an EDGE Mentor about the impact that mentoring has had on his career and the 3 essential ways that mentors unlock your career growth. 

Questions With EDGE Mentor Adam Wright

Global Brand Director at Eli Lilly & Company

Global Brand Director at Eli Lilly & Company

What role have mentors played in your growth throughout your career? 

Since I joined the workforce right out of school, I have sought mentors who reflect what I want to be like “when I grow up.”  They have served as examples professionally and personally.  Two common threads of mentors who I looked up to most were:

  1. They spoke truth into my life.
  2. They gave me advice that reflected an understanding of who I am as a person not just as a career.  

I grew up dreaming of becoming a sportscaster and still remember the exact moment during an internship I had when a successful sportscaster and mentor of mine say,

“If you want to be a good husband and dad someday don’t pursue this profession.”

That was hard to hear and stung as I realized that those two pieces of my dream may not easily co-exist.  But he knew me well enough to know that the lifestyle required to have success wouldn’t have worked for me. I am incredibly thankful for that advice.  

At Lilly, I’ve been blessed several internal mentors who both encouraged me and challenged me in my career.  A great mentor will challenge you to be better than even you think you can be.  

Why do you mentor emerging leaders? 

I am incredibly passionate about pouring into young adults and emerging leaders. It’s a difficult time to be a young professional, with incredible demands of their time and talents.  I see myself as being just one small stage ahead of them in age and not that far removed from the situations they’re in.  So as my EDGE guys are starting careers, getting married or having their first children I can share my successes and failures as a professional, husband and dad, so that hopefully they can avoid my missteps.  

Selfishly I learn far more from them than they learn from me.  I’m hugely blessed to have six committed Christ followers in my EDGE group that push me to be better in all areas of life.  

3 Reasons You Should Find A Mentor

Mentors provide the how, who and why you need to unlock growth in your career. 

You cannot microwave maturity or accelerate experiences. Mentors provide the bridge to experiences, opportunities and perspectives necessary to navigate the next level in your career successfully.

A common theme across folks who tend to outperform their peers, is the presence of a mentors. Join EDGE today to find a mentor and take the next step in your career. 

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