The War For Talent: Burst Event Recap

We recently finished one our signature free quarterly Burst events, where we host several hundred emerging leaders and executives to discuss a relevant topic affecting many in the workplace. If you’d like to attend our next event, you can sign up here to be notified when we announce it. 

We captured the Q&A discussion, the top quotes and have compiled the insights from our panel to help executives, entrepreneurs, and millennials to stand out from the competition and win the war for talent. 

Our three panelists shared their incredible experiences and wisdom from leading major functions for a multi-billion dollar technology company, a Fortune 150 global brand, and a hyper-growth real-estate and transitional healthcare company. 

  • Todd Richardson – Chief People Officer, Bluebridge Digital; Former EVP, Administration, ExactTarget
  • Mark Ferrara – VP, Talent Management, Eli Lilly & Company
  • Nicole Bickett – Chief Adminstrative Officer, Mainstreet

Watch the video below

Exclusive Q&A With 3 Top HR Executives

*Use the table of contents below to search video by question*


Top Quotes As Images From The Event

EDGE Mentoring - Grit & Gratitude. Hunger & Humilty 

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