[VIDEO] How to Build a Personal Brand: Burst Event Recap

Over 200 entrepreneurs, executives, and emerging leaders came Bluebridge Digital on Monday July 25th to hear from our panel on how to build a personal brand.

Our panel:

  • Tim Kopp – Managing Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners; Former CMO, ExactTarget & Coca Cola.
  • Katie Smith – Founder, Careerable
  • Santiago Jamarillo – CEO & Founder, Bluebridge Digital & Emplify
  • Tom Bratton – Managing Partner, Medallion Partners

We captured the Q&A discussion, the top quotes and have compiled the insights from our panel to help executives, entrepreneurs, and millennials to stand out from the competition and build a world-class personal brand. 

Watch the video below

Exclusive Q&A With 4 Entreprenuers & Executives

*Use the table of contents below to search video by question*


Top Quotes As Images From The Event

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