Top 7 Takeaways from EDGE|X 2018

Last month, nearly 3,000 leaders gathered at Traders Point Christian Church for EDGE|X 2018. We heard from seven inspirational speakers as they shared about People-Centered Leadership and the lessons they’ve learned along their journeys toward CEO, New York Times bestselling author, NFL head coach and more. To reflect on those valuable lessons, we’ve compiled our top seven takeaways from EDGE|X 2018 for you:

1. Get R.E.A.L.

Reflect: A good leader spends time reflecting on who they are. It’s an inside-out venture.
Expect: Successes and failures in yourself and others.
Assess: Allow your people to assess you regularly.
Listen & Learn: By listening to your people, understanding who they are and what motivates them, you learn to become a better servant who leads.

“Sometimes we get leading people mixed up with managing them, controlling them and getting them to do what we want. Your most fundamental identity as a leader and a mentor is to be a servant.”

Newt Crenshaw, President & CEO of Young Life

2. Recognition is Your Secret Weapon

“If you really want to connect with others, if you really want to take people with you, you have to create a team environment where everyone counts and everyone knows that they matter. People are not going to care about you unless you show them you care about them and what they do.”

David Novak, former CEO of Yum! Brands

3. Courageous Leaders Step into Fear

“[As a leader] you’ve got to develop courage, because at some point it’s going to get really difficult and you’re going to face a fear. And you’re going to have to get the nerve to act and step into it. Leaders step into that fear to make the tough calls.”

Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor of Traders Point Christian Church

4. Character Matters More Than Performance

“Performance is not that difficult. Character over the long haul is profoundly difficult. Being charming in a sales meeting is not that hard. Being a truly present parent? Really difficult. But that’s the stuff that matters.”

Shauna Niequist, New York Times bestselling author

5. The Best Leaders Care the Most

“If you can care more for your employees, love them, build trust with them, and they can count on you in a reliable way, chances are you’re going to build a winning organization.”

Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner at High Alpha

6. Focus on the Who, Not the What

“I learned to stop focusing on the what and first focus on the who. Study people. I use the word study on purpose, because when you study something, you become curious. When you become curious, you get to know more. And when you know more, you start to understand. And when you understand, you start to care. And when that care turns into love, you no longer look to convince people to follow you. Instead, they will seek your leadership because they feel seen and heard and understood.”

Jessica Kim, Founder of IanaCare & Venture Partner at Praxis Labs

7. People Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

“A good coach has the ability to reach every player. As a coach, it can’t be ‘my way or the highway’ – we need everybody to make a championship team. Your job is to help every single player we have on the team to do the best that they can do.”

Tony Dungy, Former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts

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