3 Things I’ve Gained by Joining EDGE Mentoring: Guest Post by Brandon Ford

I had been thinking about joining EDGE for about a year before I finally made the leap. With a wife, a busy work schedule and all of life’s craziness, I was uncertain that I wanted to commit the time and energy to another activity. Toward the end of 2017, though, I felt a calling that I needed to deepen my relationship with God, and I was looking for avenues to get me there.

A colleague of mine, Ashton Searcy, recently joined an EDGE group and said that it had been a great experience so far, so she challenged me to learn more about the program. And now that I’ve been in EDGE for a couple of months, I can confidently share 3 things that I’ve gained from becoming an EDGE mentee.

Genuine Relationships

To help us learn more about each other, our group opened up the first meeting with a lifeline exercise. The intent of the exercise is for a person to share their life’s highs and lows, revealing their background and how they’ve become who they are today. It’s an intimate and vulnerable process to describe those points, but it allows the listeners to “take a walk” in the presenter’s shoes. Once we’d completed that exercise, I felt like I had connected with each individual on a deeper level and was able to have more meaningful conversations with them.

Answers and Insight

EDGE is a unique organization that allows for deep and honest dialogue about every facet of life, where men and women can rely on their EDGE groups for guidance.

This year, my wife and I talked about being more intentional with charitable giving. We were new to the process and open to the different ways people go about selecting charities or volunteer opportunities. It was fascinating to hear everyone’s approach to giving – no two ways were exactly the same. Leaving that conversation, I had some ideas to discuss with my wife and a new appreciation for the “sounding board” that is my EDGE group.

A Closer Relationship with God

The biggest way EDGE has enriched my life is that it has encouraged me to grow in my faith. With the hectic day-to-day of work and family life, I find it easy to neglect that aspect of my life – but my EDGE group helps to keep me focused on God’s calling, and it has helped strengthen my conviction to seek His truth and will.


I’ve gained so much from my short time with EDGE, and I’m happy to speak at lengths about my experience. Message me on LinkedIn if you have specific questions or would like to learn more!


Brandon Ford

EDGE Mentee & Operations Manager at Valve+Meter

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