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Introducing Refuel + Recharge, an EDGE virtual event series on mental wellness. We’ll be featuring a lineup of notable speakers who will spark honest conversations about mental health, isolation and the loneliness epidemic, and how we can best take care of our hearts and minds. 

If you’ve been feeling the weight of the world, this is your invitation to a new kind of R+R – one that will refuel your emotional tank and recharge your mental energy to foster the resilience and strength we need to keep moving forward – together.



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Ken Coleman

April 8

In the midst of crisis and uncertainty, the enemies of leadership are fear, doubt, and pride. Ken Coleman shared three ways to eliminate them:

1) Name it. Write it down on paper.
2) Deconstruct it to find the truth.
3) Refocus on that truth.


Carlos Whittaker

April 15

“If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression, this is something you’re moving through—not something that you have.”

Carlos addresses the topic of anxiety and depression and prioritizing our mental health during these challenging times.


Max Yoder

April 22

“The trouble with perfectionism is that it’s driven by other people’s judgments. Judging doesn’t come from a place of love, it comes from a lack of healing. Wholeness has roots in healing.”

Max discusses pursuing wholeness and compassion instead of perfection and fear.


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Sarah Sheehan

April 29

Sarah shared three mindsets to cultivate while leading during uncertain times:

  1. Embrace vulnerability – Don’t miss this opportunity for connection.

  2. Build resilience – Resilience is built when you intentionally appreciate, recognize, and believe in others.

  3. Foster agility – Accept that we’re living in a new and evolving “normal.”


Rebekah Lyons

May 6

Rebekah shared her four rhythms for renewal for mental health:

  1. Rest – Addressing your “inner life”

  2. Restore – Investing in your physical health and well-being

  3. Connect – Evaluating your relational health with others

  4. Create – Living your purpose through your gifts and talents


Nathan Harmon

May 13

“We can’t allow the humanity of others to stop us from using one of the most valuable tools we have: community.” Here are Nathan’s 5 Habits of the Heart & Mind:

  1. Transparency

  2. Accountability

  3. Hard Work

  4. Good Choices

  5. Value People



Mark Batterson

May 20

Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. Mark is the New York Times best-selling author of 17 books, including The Circle Maker, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Wild Goose Chase, and recently released Double Blessing, Whisper, and Play the Man.


Curt Thompson

May 27

Inspired by deep compassion for others and informed from a Christian perspective, psychiatrist Curt Thompson shares fresh insights and practical applications for developing more authentic relationships and fully experiencing our deepest longing: to be known.


Shauna Niequist

July 14

Shauna Niequist is the New York Times best-selling author of five books, including Bread & Wine and Present Over Perfect.  Shauna and her husband Aaron and their sons Henry and Mac live in New York City. She is a bookworm, a beachbum, and a passionate gatherer of people, especially around the table.


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