Do I have to pay to be in EDGE?

No. EDGE is absolutely free to participate in. We have become sustainable through people investing in our mission and vision and any revenue we might make from hosting events.

Are There Groups For Men And Women?

Yes. Our women groups have been growing at a much faster rate than our men groups because women didn’t think programs like this existed for them.

Are the groups Co-ED?

No. Things that are discussed on calls can be confidential and extremely different based upon gender. We have found it to be wise and appropriate to keep the two sexes seperated.

What’s The Time Commitment?

For mentees the invest that we ask is between 2-3 hours per month and for mentors we ask for an investment for 4-5 hours per month. That may seem like a lot but it’s not. The ROI and value you get from the time you put in is invaluable becuase of the structure and quality of the groups.

Do I have to be in Indiana to be in EDGE?

No. We were founded in Indiana and have grown from a local brand to a national one. People are joining EDGE from all over and the virtual model and technology allows us to accept applicants from anywhere.