An Interview with: EDGE Mentee Brannon Johnson

We recently reached out to Doug Wilson mentee, Brannon Johnson, to get his perspective on why engaging with EDGE has been such an important decision in his life.

Here’s what he had to say…

What lead to your decision to apply to EDGE?

Shortly after graduation from Taylor I was quickly introduced to the realities of the secular working world. What did I learn??… The relationships and community of “Corporate America” were MUCH different than anything I experienced at Taylor. In college, I had grown close to a small group of self-motivated, spiritually sensitive guys, who were passionately pursuing the Lord. After feeling what it was like to live “without” that for a few months, I jumped at the chance to join EDGE and regain those ties again.

How has EDGE impacted your transition from college over the past year?

One of my favorite parts of EDGE is the diversity of age, occupation, and vocation that my group exhibits. Watching and discussing how older and younger members deal with the good and bad life brings is an education in and of itself. In my opinion, it’s essential to have a small nucleus of friends with which you are able to process all of the changes that occur post-college. EDGE provided a perfect venue for this. On another note, I (like many other TU graduates) had a small case of the post-college blues. Many times, in the past, I had been told that college would be “the best four years of my life.” Given this, seeing the purpose, drive, and competitive spirit members of my group exuded on a daily basis proved to me that there’s a certain “sweetness” to each unique stage in life.

What would be advice to new Taylor grads?

I’ve got a couple thoughts on this. The first would be: Always remember and never be ashamed of what Taylor has taught you. In certain spheres, it’s easy to play the comparison game regarding previous work experience and education. Don’t do it. Taylor was the right place for you and the Lord led you there for a reason. It helped shape your beliefs, form the lens through which you see the world, and introduced you to some of your best friends. The second piece of advice would be to fully embrace where you’re at. No matter how hard, overwhelming, far away from home, or lonely you may be. Try to make space to move slowly, ponder deeply and surrender fully. 


Thanks for your thoughtful insight, Brannon!

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