An Interview with: EDGE Mentor Rob Wiley

We recently reached out to mentor Rob Wiley to get his perspective on why engaging with EDGE has been such an important decision in his life.

Here’s what he had to say…

What role has mentoring had in your development?

“Had I been left solely to my own devices, I would be an arrogant, self-centered, lonely, and insecure man.  While I still am encumbered by those characteristics to a degree, some combination of God’s grace along with kindness from friends and mentors, have helped me focus on “who I will become” rather than “what I will accomplish”.  Mentors have shown me tactically how to develop particular skills as well as modeled how to live life well regardless of circumstance.  I am grateful to my past, current, and future mentors who have guided me in my professional, personal, and spiritual formation.”

What led to your decision to apply to EDGE?

“I love the frothiness of people who are in their 20’s – lots of “firsts” and “figuring it out”.  EDGE allows me to engage with a group of high-caliber mentees who are choosing to invest in building community with one another as they grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.  In addition to our work, family, and church commitments, we build our relationships in a sustainable way by meeting together virtually 2x/mo and by having regular 1:1 interactions throughout the year.

What would be your advice to recent Taylor grads?

“Purposefully choose to do “life together” with your church, work, and community, and always choose to have mentors, mentees, and friends in different areas of your life.”


Thanks for your thoughtful insight, Rob!


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