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April 21 • 8pm

with Mary Beth Chapman, Christy Wright, Tanorria Askew, and Jordan Lee Dooley + guests


Female-Owned Small Businesses


Mental Health
May 5 • 8pm

with Sissy Goff, Kristi Blackburn, Jillian Edwards, and Juanita Molano Parra + guests

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Hope After Tragedy
May 19 • 8pm

with the Ferlaak Family

Chip and Jody Ferlaak have lived through some of life’s unimaginable experiences throughout their 25 years of marriage. In 2001, while their family was at a restaurant, a car barreled through the entrance, tragically killing their 4-year-old daughter, Teagan, and severely injuring Chip, Jody, Wyndham (their 6-month-old daughter), and Brock (their two-year-old son). After the accident, a criminal investigation revealed that the woman driving the car, had plunged into the building in an alleged suicide attempt. A journey of hope, pain, and forgiveness – the Ferlaak’s inspiring story was featured on Oprah and around the country. Join EDGE’s Liz Henderson as she sits down with Chip and Jody to hear their remarkable story of hope firsthand.

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Cake and Conversation
June 2 • 8pm

with Ruth Chou Simons and Christy Nockels

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Women in the Workforce
June 17 • 1pm

with Allison Robinson, CEO of The Mom Project and Megan Nail from First Person

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This event concludes the R+R Series on Inspiring Women.

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