About Tucker

What Tucker Bryant learned during a decade spent between Stanford and Google surprised him: even people on the cutting edge of innovation often struggle to take risks. The truth is that we all want to step out of our comfort zones, but we also have comforts so deep-seated that we aren’t aware they even exist. And our instinct to protect that unconscious comfort suffocates our creativity, disengages us from our work, and stunts our ability to lead.

As an award-winning poet and storyteller, Tucker’s experience in Silicon Valley has driven him to pursue an answer one question: how can we tear down the comfort zones that keep businesses from writing their best poetry?

Tucker delivers keynote performances that reveal how the Poetic Innovation Process compels transformative business thinking and molds leaders of resilience who are prepared to confront tomorrow’s unknowns.

Tucker’s work, which has garnered millions of views online, has been featured at TEDx, the Prince’s Trust (UK), and dozens of other organizations across the globe. He has had the privilege of sharing on stages graced by Mark Cuban, Bill Belichick, Larry Hogan, and NASA Director Michelle Thaller as well as founders and executives from scores of Fortune 500 companies.