For the last five years, we have gathered thousands of people from across the country together in Indianapolis for our annual EDGE|X Conference, where notable keynote speakers have taken the stage to inspire and empower our attendees.

This year, like most events scheduled for 2020, EDGE|X went virtual and the impact has been bigger than we could have imagined. While we missed being together in person this year, we had a special opportunity to host 14 total keynotes over the course of the week – more than two times the number of speakers we’ve had at past EDGE|X conferences. 

From September 28 to October 2, we hosted daily virtual keynotes, live Q&A sessions, and connected with attendees from across the country on the interactive event feed of the EDGE|X app. Each day, our speakers challenged, inspired, and equipped us as we explored how our inward and outward growth work together to shape our whole-person development and ultimately, our greater purpose.



Look Inward

Engage in the process of self discovery. We want to inspire and empower you to do the hard work of reflection and introspection in order to move toward holistic growth and development. By first understanding ourselves, we can better serve others and impact our communities.


Focus Outward

Channel your internal growth into external action. As you pursue your personal growth, we encourage you to use that growth to fuel and amplify the impact you can make within the communities in which you live, work, and play.


Go Onward

Find your purpose in the process. We believe whole-person development happens at the intersection of your inward and outward growth. In the lifelong journey to pursue both, EDGE Mentoring walks alongside you to provide the guidance, support, and community you need as you step into your purpose.