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Authentic leaders go beyond their purpose and own how their leadership decisions and behaviors land on those in their organization.


About Newt

A gifted leader with strong business acumen, Newt Crenshaw is completing his second year as president and CEO of Young Life.  Crenshaw brings deep international corporate experience as well as decades of faithful involvement with Young Life to his global role as head of the ministry.

As a senior executive with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, Crenshaw was able to grow business, empower employees and expand the company’s reach overseas. During his tenure as president of Eli Lilly in Japan, beginning in 2003, the company saw double-digit growth for five consecutive years, outpacing the Japanese pharmaceutical market by nearly three times. During that same time, Crenshaw and his wife, Susan, helped establish new Young Life ministry in Kobe, Japan – one of many examples of his years of service to the mission he now leads.

A voracious reader, continuous learner, and high capacity leader, Crenshaw is deeply committed to Young Life’s desire to reach all kids with the life-giving message of hope in Jesus Christ. His current leadership priorities include sustained global growth, diversifying the mission at all leadership levels and ensuring that Young Life, which recently celebrated 75 years of ministry, continues to innovate for ongoing impact in the lives of young people around the world.

The Crenshaws live in Colorado Springs, CO and have four adult children.

Instagram: @newtcrenshawyl