Mentoring Organization For Emerging Leaders Hires Executive Director

Dave Neff Joins EDGE Mentoring From ExactTarget

EDGE Mentoring is equipping young emerging leaders (in their 20’s and 30’s) to impact every area of society. In response to its incredible growth and momentum, EDGE is thrilled to announce it has recently hired its first full-time Executive Director, Dave Neff. Dave comes to EDGE after two and a half years with ExactTarget leading Global Sports Marketing. Prior to that, Dave served as the Director of Suite Sales & Services for Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Dave was recognized as the 2013 Inspire Award winner for the Marketing, Media & Athletics category for his commitment to leadership and mentoring in the workplace and community.

“I could not be more excited for this incredible opportunity and responsibility to lead a movement that is impacting the lives of so many. Our primary goal right now is identifying and training 25 new committed and seasoned mentors to add to our team who are passionate about investing in the lives of emerging leaders and making a difference.”

Jeff Simmons, President of Elanco Animal Health, said “In my over 25 years in leadership I’ve never seen anything impact the development of a leader like EDGE Mentoring. With the current momentum of EDGE and under Dave’s leadership, I strongly encourage you to consider engaging the organization today. I truly believe this is becoming America’s premier mentoring organization for emerging leaders.”

“What our country needs is a generation of mature, godly leaders who are committed to building into the lives of emerging leaders in all spheres of society,” shares Ray Hilbert, CEO of Truth@Work. “In a word, we need discipleship. One leader investing into the life of another – one leader at a time. And I think Dave Neff is the perfect person to build and lead EDGE as a world class mentoring organization. ” “I have known Dave the past five years and he could not be better suited to lead an emerging organization like EDGE. Dave managed some of our most strategic global partnerships at ExactTarget. He is a strong communicator and has a gift for connecting people and ideas around a common purpose,” said Tim Kopp, Former ExactTarget CMO.

If you are interested in learning more or in applying to become a mentor or mentee and joining the EDGE community, please email to or visit

EDGE Mentoring exists to equip the next generation of leaders; specifically, to pass on biblically-based leadership values, attributes, and skills by bringing godly, mature leaders into a structured, purposeful mentoring relationship with younger, aspiring, emerging leaders. For more information, visit

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