One on Ones

Regular interaction between the mentor and each mentee in a one-on-one setting is what makes the EDGE experience. Texting, calling, or meeting for coffee, lunch, or dinner should all happen regularly. This creates more comfortable discussion during group calls and allows the mentee to dive deeper into specific areas or seek counsel where needed.


Each group should have one face-to-face meeting within the first six months of group placement. One option is hosting your mentees at your home. If you have mentees who are not local, plan to have them video conference into the meeting.


We ask that you open and close with prayer each time you’re together. Whether led by the mentor or a mentee, this time to focus hearts and minds on Christ is foundational to the EDGE experience.

Member Updates

Each call should include some time hearing from each member, mentor and mentee alike, and sharing what’s going on in their world. Using some mnemonic device like these below can make this process quick and enjoyable for each attendee:

  • Roses, buds and thorns  (good things, what you’re looking forward to, and struggles)

  • Good, bad, God (where you saw good, bad, and God in your life this week) 

  • One word on the week/two weeks since last meeting

Biblical Authority

During calls, there should be a mix of personal, professional, and spiritual components. That doesn’t mean equal time has to be spent on each, but it does mean that mentors should lean into the Word when the Bible has authority on the matter.

Conversation Flow

Mentor and mentees share the responsibility of facilitating the conversation and direction of calls. Sometimes silence is good. It allows for processing and for mentees to prepare their thoughts. Each week doesn’t have to be prescriptive. If something happens in one of the mentees’ lives and that needs to be the focus for the week, then it’s okay to put the curriculum on hold.

Lifeline Activity

Your first activity as a group should be the lifeline activity. Plan to share your lifeline first, and have one or two mentees share weekly. Your group may be spent up to two months completing the activity.