Mentees (1): Phone-Screen/Interview, Taking Notes, & Creating Deal in CRM

So you’ve scheduled a phone call and are having your mentee phone-screen.

Now is our opportunity to really get to know people. Some information we like to typically find out: 

  •     Where Are they are from? Where do they live? Where did they go to school? Are they single/married? How did they hear about EDGE? What were they hoping to get out of it?
  • Can you commit to 3 hours per month For Group Calls/Discussions/Interactions? 

Important information to share:

  • Tell Them We require 1-2 year commitment & To Come to EDGE|X Conference if they are able to attend. Typically in November.
  • Inform them about our Burst/Women/EDGE|X EventS
  • It typically takes 60-90 days from the time we have the call until they’re placed in the group.

The Mentee Onboarding phase is critical. The pieces of information that we hear from people are vital in helping us form groups.

You will play a critical role in working with CEO during the group formation process. A lot of EDGE’s growth has been as a result of tribal knowledge and serendipitous interactions but WE MUST become better at documenting this info in a CRM for multiple people to view. Here’s an example of a record we would like in the CRM. 

After you’ve taken and entered notes in the conversation from the CRM. You can drag the deal in the DEAL Dashboard over to the “Follow-Up/Onboard” stage. That lets us know that these are recent mentees that need to be placed into groups. 

In order to log this data into the CRM, all you need to do is simply, bcc the CRM when you’re sending emails. It automatically tags the conversations to the right person. 

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