Let’s Stand United Against Injustice

EDGE Community,

The senseless and unfathomable killing of George Floyd has triggered feelings of pain, anger, fear, hopelessness, and distrust and highlighted the systemic racism that has impacted our country over generations. The EDGE Team and Community have been impacted, with many sharing deeply personal stories of injustice. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ not just within EDGE, but across the nation in addressing the broken places of the world.

Let us not forget that God created us as a beautiful mosaic of different colors, experiences, backgrounds, and passions. Let us rejoice in that diversity and not let it divide us. In order to work toward unity and racial reconciliation, we must confront the injustices of our past. Martin Luther King Jr. explained that “Riots are the language of the unheard. . . [and America] has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met.” We have a responsibility as individuals, as part of the EDGE Team, and as part of the greater EDGE Community to act. God has given us voices to use in solidarity against injustice. He has given us arms to embrace those that have been harmed and oppressed by generations of racial discrimination. He has given us minds to organize and mobilize in activism to ultimately dismantle systemic racism.

I don’t know where this finds you. I know that some in our community are already activists for justice and equality, fighting to be heard and to raise awareness and drive policy change in our society. Some are paralyzed by the gravity of the situation and don’t know where to begin. Some are processing how best to share their voice. My ask of everyone is to avoid the temptation to look away and to stay silent. This is our time to work together to repair the broken places of our world.  

There are many ways to get involved and I realize that involvement is personal. The EDGE Team is seeking to learn more, to listen, and to engage despite not having all the answers. We will provide resources to help educate, virtual conversations to help inform and challenge, and opportunities to help unpack the deep emotions that our Community may be feeling.

Our EDGE Community has an opportunity to be a safe harbor in a divided world, and I am grateful to work alongside our team and all of you in pursuing racial justice, equity and reconciliation.


Todd Richardson
EDGE Mentoring

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