Curriculum created in partnership with Butler University Executive Education.

EDGE|Leaders of Color is a 4-month whole-person development program that leverages EDGE’s proven mentoring approach through an immersive cohort experience.

What to Expect

Each cohort is made up of small groups of Emerging Leaders who are placed with an EDGE Advisor. They meet virtually as a group, every other week, for one hour to discuss whole person development in the following foundational areas:

  1. Accelerating Trust

  2. Personal Development & Awareness

  3. Personal Resilience & Accountability

  4. Effectively Leading the Workplace

Participants will complete an Enneagram assessment and will engage with Stanford’s Life Design Lab in developing your work and life view.  In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to hear from noted speakers and network with business and community leaders and peers throughout the course of the program.

Program Objectives

  • Increase intellectual knowledge, emotional awareness, real-life application and behavior change of chosen topics, resulting in furthered personal & professional growth.

  • Increase Emerging Leaders’ engagement at their workplaces due to increased awareness of themselves and their own autonomy.

  • Bolster social connection, mental health, and sense of community to an age group that is often cited as “lonelier than senior citizens.”


In addition, EDGE|Leaders of Color includes several larger events
and workshops to network with and learn from the expansive
EDGE community.

EDGE partners with world-class organizations such as Butler University and the Stanford Life Design Lab to ensure that our Emerging Leaders receive world- class training and support.

Program Costs

No costs to participants.
All associated program expenses are underwritten through EDGE’s generous donors and corporate partners.