A leadership development program for emerging leaders

When companies invest in the growth and development of their people, everyone wins.

Partnered With Leading Companies

Who We Are

Here at Edge we connect generations in meaningful mentoring relationships that promote whole person development, because we believe that people grow better together. Our mentors and mentees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, career industries, and walks of life, but they all have a shared passion for growth and community.

The Results Are In

Among EDGE|Work participants:

92% are likely to recommend EDGE|Work to a friend or colleague

82% are able to apply what they have learned at work

98% feel safe to be vulnerable and candid in their group

92% are more insightful and aware about themselves and their personality

Program Objectives

EDGE|Work is designed to:


Increase intellectual knowledge, emotional awareness, real-life application, and behavior change in chosen topics, furthering personal and professional growth.


Increase emerging leaders’ engagement at their workplaces by increasing their self-awareness and autonomy.


Bolster social connection, mental health, and a sense of community for an age group that is vulnerable to loneliness and eager for personal connection.


Our Advisors

The success of the EDGE|Work program is due in large part to its fantastic advisors, a group of accomplished business owners, talent practitioners, and certified coaches who are dedicated to making the experience impactful for all participants.



“It is truly a privilege to walk alongside and witness the relationships that are formed and the authentic growth and development of the emerging leaders.”