Latasha Morrison

Racial Reconciliation & Unity

“God is at work in every culture and every people group and every ethnicity.”

“Justice is an act of love. Without them both, we will not move forward in this motion into reconciliation.”

“The things that are legal are not always just. And the things that are just are not always legal.”

“We need action and strategy to move this arch of justice across the finish line.”

“We have to do everything possible, starting with ourselves, to make sure we are not a barrier to biblical reconciliation.”

“Truth creates unity and solidarity.”

“Are allowing our faith to shape our political views? Or are we allowing our political views to shape our faith?”

“Truth is imperative to the work of reconciliation.” 

“Ethnicity reflects the unique aspect of God’s image. But we have been sold this lie of indifference. Not one tribe or ethnicity can reflect the totality of who God is. It takes every tribe, every tongue, and every nation to reflect the full image of God.”

“We have to look at our neighbors and say ‘although we’re different, that person is created in the image of God’.”

“Any supremacy outside of God’s supremacy is sinful.”

“Race was originally about kinship, and now it’s about skin color.”

“We must recognize what we want to reconcile.”


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About Latasha

Latasha Morrison is a bridge-builder, reconciler, and a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice. In 2016, she founded Be the Bridge, a non-profit organization equipping more than 1,000 sub-groups across five countries to serve as ambassadors of racial reconciliation. Numerous organizations have recognized her as a leading social justice advocate, including Facebook’s Community Leadership Program, Forbes, and EBONY magazine. A native of North Carolina, Tasha earned degrees in human development and business leadership. Her first book, Be the Bridge, will be released in October 2019. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.