Guest Mentors

Guest mentors are business and community leaders who share our passion for intergenerational mentoring relationships. They want to be a resource for you, and they are available to jump on a call with your group to provide insight on a specific topic. If you’d like to connect with any of the guest mentors, please email



Jill Lehman

Sr. Advisor & Client CHRO, Milestone Business Solutions

Owner & Founder, High Frequency Arts

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I hope to help mentees learn to be comfortable with discovery and evolution. The road we travel is rarely a straight one in work, at home and in our faith. There is no one path – only options to consider and choose from.

Fun Facts about Jill

I’m a working mom of two girls, two cats, and one dog. I love talking with creatives and my favorite book is The Alchemist.


Jason Richmond Headshot.png

Jason Richmond

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Irving Materials

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I hope to share knowledge that has been obtained through my personal, professional and spiritual journey. I hope to connect with EDGE mentees by asking great questions and listening to their goals, challenges and thoughts.

Fun Facts about Jason

I am a husband and father of two children, and we live in Noblesville, Indiana. As a family, we enjoy going on vacation in Marco Island, Florida or finding new local parks for the kids to play. My competitive spirit is exercised on the golf course. I love to learn, so I enjoy reading business books and/or being active in groups that can develop or refine my skills.



Drew Moser

Dean of Experiential Learning

Taylor University

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I hope to share my experience in helping young professionals live their whole lives with hope, purpose and meaning. My work focuses on the realm of vocation: God’s unique and powerful call for your life. Helping others explore and discover vocation is the most important thing I do professionally.

Fun Facts about Drew

My wife and I have been fixing up our home for the past five years, which (most of the time) is a joy. Also, I have a coed basketball team’s worth of children (5 kids: 3 boys and 2 girls), so much of my time is spent coaching or cheering them on in their various activities.


Kathleen McAllen VP 0002 2017.jpg

Kathleen McAllen

Chief Strategy Officer
Giving Hope Foundation

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

Last fall, my work position was eliminated and I was transitioned out of an organization I had been with for more than 20 years. I hope to share about my experience of transitioning out of the corporate world, finding joy and surrender in the journey, and refocusing on significance rather than success.

Fun Facts about Kathleen

I enjoy cycling, spending time with my three kids and one grandbaby, and I teach at both Indiana University SPEA and Fairbanks School of Public Health.


John D. Martin -- Final.jpg

John Martin

Managing Director, Healthcare Consulting
Katz, Sapper & Miller

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

Leadership is hard. It takes a lot out of a person, particularly if you work to lead the right way. After 30+ years in the professional world, it has been a lot of work but it has been well worth the ride. As I enter the last phase of my professional career, I hope to share my experiences with those who are interested to learn.

Fun Facts about John

I have a wife and three grown daughters. I enjoy golf, salt water aquariums, archery, target shooting and woodworking. These things help keep my mind occupied when I’m not thinking about work or faith.



Doug Allgood

President & CEO
BlackInk IT

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I have been blessed with an opportunity to learn from many different businesses, work cultures and technologies over my career. I have had highs and lows that have shown me the need for humility, grace and a growing faith to trust God in areas that I could not control. My goal is to listen and provide encouragement through transparent discussions with mentees.

Fun Facts about Doug

I had the pleasure of taking a team in March 2018 to Guatemala and hope to take another team in 2019. My favorite hobby has been hanging out with my wife and five children. I have always found it exciting to help businesses apply technology to achieving their vision.


Raj Selladurai.jpeg

Raj Selladurai

Associate Professor of Management
IU Northwest

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I hope to share about my experience in researching and studying the topic of servant leadership.

Fun Facts about Raj

I’m a business professor, a bible study leader and the author of Servant Leadership: Research and Practice. I also enjoy playing tennis and chess.



Jon Sarn

Kinsley | Sarn Executive Search

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

HR/Recruiting/Compensation information (having been in HR for over 20 years and run my own recruiting business since 2005), the difference between a calling and volunteering (where to invest your time), the importance of listening and adjusting in marriage.

Fun Facts about Jon

With four sisters, two daughters and five nieces, my dog and I are heavily outnumbered. Indiana is the 7th state I have lived in. I can juggle, but only three simple items. I love to play tennis and exercise, and my wife and I have been married for over 20 years.


Jeff Norris.png

Jeff Norris

Real Property Advisors LLC

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

As a former educator, I have a life-long passion for learning. Utilizing my experience as an educator and trainer, my style consists of an experience-based approach with stories and questioning to reinforce the content.

Fun Facts about Jeff

I am an accomplished carpenter having worked with the Amish in Northeast Indiana, owned a remodeling business and renovated numerous homes. I am a long-time Indiana resident and still being raised by my loving wife of 36 years.  We are both proud of our three awesome children and love being grandparents.



Ken Yale

Chief Clinical Officer
Delta Dental of California

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I wish to share with EDGE mentees my journey through work, building companies and products that truly help people; and through faith, building my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Fun Facts about Ken

The artsy side of me learned photography and developing pictures in high school from some leading photographers, and worked my way through college as a photojournalist and wedding photographer. Alas my love of photography did not blossom into a profession, although I still use professional equipment (when not shooting pics with my iPhone) and also aerial photography.


Chelsea DuKate

Founder & President
Red Envelope Consulting

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

How to set goals and experience growth within their careers all while building meaningful relationships.

Fun Facts about Chelsea

Started Red Envelope in 2014

Married w two kids (8) and (5)

Enjoys playing the piano, tennis, and raising chickens



Jason Barnaby

Fire Starters, Inc.

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

The importance of building an effective tribe for personal and/or professional development. I have a tool called a Tribal Inventory to make sure you have the right people in your tribe and that they are in the right roles, as well as a 30 Days to Blaze Program that I could share pieces and parts from about setting goals, uncovering your original design, overcoming fear, self reflection and peer feedback.

Fun Facts about Jason

I was a founding member of the IU Dance Marathon, and I was a ski bum after college for 2 years. I lived overseas in Poland for 8 years and worked for 5 of them as a college professor. My wife was a translator for me on a short term mission trip. We fell in love and I moved back to Poland to marry her. We owned a coffee shop in Poland the first year we were married (worst mistake of our lives so far!).


Andreas Weber - Stephenie Weber.jpg

Andreas Weber


REGO-FIX Tool Corp.

Why is mentorship important to you?

I love to engage with young professionals and help them along their journey as they build their careers.

What are you most looking forward to about being an EDGE mentor?

Meeting people from different industries and paths of life, and learning from each other.


Beau Williamson

Development Strategist

Greater Potential Leadership

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

To help them achieve their greater potential as they focus on personal development and personal effectiveness.

Fun Facts about Beau

I am a father of 4

I was in the FFA

I went to Purdue

I am a sucker for a good magic trick


Captura de Pantalla 2019-04-15 a la(s) 8.47.33 a. m..png

Andy Goodwin

Principal & CEO

Covenant Christian High School

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

For general organizational leadership, I would like to share what I have learned about team building through commitment to mission and culture, strategic hiring, ongoing acculturation, and professional development. For education, I would like to share about curricular program development.

Fun Facts about Andy

Our son was born in Spain while we were on sabbatical, and I only speak Spanish to him. I also used to be a rapper and a DJ, although entirely in English.



Seda Arzumanyan

Director of Private Philanthropy

Water for Good

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

My international expertise in philanthropy and fundraising.

Fun Facts about Seda

I am Armenian, have two kids and love traveling and exploring new cultures, traditions, and kitchen.


Alisa Hayes.jpeg

Alisa Hayes

Associate Consultant

Eli Lilly and Company

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

Importance of networking, creative job searching and discovering your purpose even if it wasn’t your major in school.

Fun Facts about Alisa

I love a good audio book, running and traveling



Katie Robinson

Director, Regulatory Affairs Special Projects

CNO Financial

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

To be the “best” version of yourself in all that you do. Authenticity is the key to success.

Fun Facts about Katie

I enjoy every minute of my time with my family in rural Indiana. My husband and I have four children. In our spare time we love creating new dishes with our garden produce and sharing them with family and friends. We bask in the simple pleasures of life.


404772E0-10FB-4D43-84C0-96CCA87756AC - Karen Campbell.jpeg

Karen Campbell


TEGNA / WTHR Channel 13

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I hope to share a variety of things with EDGE mentees, including communication and public speaking skills, ways to stay motivated, overcoming fear and doubt.

Fun Facts about Karen

I teach Zumba fitness, I’ve been skydiving, and I’ve walked on a bed of hot coals


Paul Sylvester

Executive Behavioral Coach

Sylvester Leadership Coaching Redifined

What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

Professional and Personal life experiences (good along with the bad).

Fun Facts about Paul

Frustrated athlete turned business behavioral coach. Golfer, boater, speaker, loving life.


Jason “JD” Duigou



What do you hope to share with EDGE mentees?

I enjoy sharing tips and best practices regarding relationship and work-related challenges that folks may be struggling with – organization change management, story telling, crucial conversations, etc.

Fun Facts about JD

Avid people person; I enjoy helping others. I enjoy riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. I’m a mixed media crafter enabling my creative side to shine. I enjoy sci-fi and mysteries movies, TV and books. My true joy is spending time with my family.