Mentees (2): Following Up On Applications & Creating a Record In CRM

Attracting “A” players or high-quality, high-caliber mentees is essential for EDGE’s continued growth. WE MUST provide an incredible experience for them from their very first interaction with us. One that you might expect from your favorite “for-profit” companies.

If we do our job in attracting quality mentors and mentees, ensuring we provide a high-quality customer experience, form dynamic groups, and then provide supplemental value in the form of events, connections and introductions, then EDGE should continue to fuel its own growth from existing members. 

1.  When AN Application Comes In…

  •       Scan the application for completeness, depth of answers, and the most important barometer for quality typically comes from two questions:
  • How did you learn of EDGE Mentoring?” and “What desired results/benefits are you hoping to receive from EDGE?”.. 

    This is an example of a good answer from an application: 

2.  Then Take A Quick Look At Their LinkedIn to Scan For professional Credibility

3.  Then Follow Up with an email within one business day.

(It’s ok to not follow up if apps come in over the weekend or late Friday evening. Lots of apps come in then because people have more free time.) If there a fit, I’ve used a template like this as a starting point. 

When you send this email, bcc it Hubspot CRM, so it copies our conversation record directly onto their contact record and creates a contact for the person. Once a contact is created, head to their contact record to create a deal. 

Then you need to input the person’s name and select the “Pursuing” option in the pipeline. This signifies that you’ve reached out to them in hopes of scheduling a call.

If they’re not a fit. I typically send them an email like this.

[[ Hi John, thanks for your interest in EDGE. We’ll be in touch if we find a great mentor match for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any point. ]]

You will find that these folks who aren’t a fit, typically don’t respond back. 

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