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 Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below or you need immediate assistance, click the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen and send us a message, or please email help@edgementoring.org

Most importantly, download the mobile application so we can communicate with you effectively during the conference. Secondly, if you are experiencing any streaming or connectivity issues please periodically refresh your browser window and keep an eye out for announcements from the EDGE Team in the Announcements section of the app.

Accessing the Conference

How will I access the conference?

 If you registered for EDGE|X, here’s what you need to do to access the event:

  • Head to the Socio Platform on your computer to set up your profile or log in to the event

  • Download the Mobile App to stay engaged and receive notifications (and login with the profile you setup above)

  • Say hello in the event feed and tell us where you’re watching from! 👋 

  • Click Agenda and tune into the live streams (they open up 15 minutes prior to going live)

You can watch on your desktop from the web app or via the mobile app, whichever you prefer.

What’s the difference between the desktop web app and the mobile app?

Both will allow you to experience the basic functions of the event when logged in, and we would suggest you leverage both for an optimal experience. We recommend viewing the live sessions on the desktop web app and using the mobile app for receiving announcements, social engagement with other attendees, and posting on the event feed.

I’ve downloaded the EDGE|X 2020 app, now what?

Log in with your registration email and finish creating your profile. Explore the app to learn about speakers, EDGE|X partners, view the agenda and watch the conference content, comment on the Event Feed, view Announcements, and how to get involved with EDGE Mentoring.

The app crashes when I try to open it, what do I do?

To ensure you don’t miss any of the conference you can tune into the desktop app while you follow these steps.

  1. Delete the EDGEX app

  2. Restart your phone

  3. Go to the app store and re-download the mobile app

  4. Sign in again.

I have a question about Socio functionality on the web app or mobile app.

Visit Socio’s help site here.

My friend registered for me and I haven’t received any email about how to access the event.

Please contact EDGE using the help chat below and we will ensure you receive instructions on how to access the conference. If you registered for more than just one ticket for yourself and did not provide separate registrant information, have your guests register using the code: BRINGAFRIEND. Then, they can access the virtual event using their own email address to login.

Watching & Joining Sessions

I am experiencing technical difficulties.

First, please refresh your browser periodically. Then, check the Announcements or Event Feed for notifications, as the EDGE Team will share updates and instructions should we become aware of any technology troubles affecting multiple attendees.

How do I submit a question to be asked to a speaker during the live Q&A?

When logged into Zoom, click the Q/A button on the Zoom Menu Bar and submit your question either as yourself or anonymously.

What if I miss a session? Can I watch it afterward?

Navigate to the Agenda and the day you missed. Session recordings will be available for attendees immediately after the session is over.

Where can I find the schedule of events?

Agenda can be found on the Agenda tab of the web app or mobile app. It can also be found generally on the EDGE|X page of our website.

How do I watch the virtual conference?

Every session link will be displayed on the agenda tab. Click the Join Live button as early as 15 minutes before a session starts to join the live stream.

Connecting with Attendees

Can I find out who is virtually attending and/or message them?

Yes, you can go to the Attendees tab and search attendees, connect with them, and message them (on the mobile app)

How can I chat with someone?

You can chat with other attendees on the mobile app! Go to the “Attendees” tab and you can search or browse attendees. 

First, click connect to invite them to mutually connect. Once approved, you can then chat within the app.

If you contact an attendee you have not yet connected with and that attendee hasn’t downloaded the EDGE|X 2020 app yet your message will be sent to them in an email.

About EDGE

How can I learn more about becoming a mentor/mentee?

Learn about becoming a mentor or mentee here.

How can I learn more about getting my organization involved in EDGE|Work?

Learn about EDGE|Work and fill out the contact us form here.