EDGE|X Keynotes




EDGE|X 2020

Look Inward. Focus Outward. Go Onward.


John Ruhlin

Investing in Relationships

“At the end of the day, gratitude is not just a feeling. Gratitude is an action. As believers, we should be doubling down and showing up for people generously and doing gratitude – not just feeling gratitude.”

Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East

Couple Things

“We all have a limited perspective, and it takes someone else who has a wildly different experience but cares for you and has a trajectory that is beneficial and that they’ve learned from that opens up that perspective.” –Shawn Johnson East

Skye Jethani

Intersection of Faith and Vocation

“If you want to move from a narcissistic to a generous vision of your work, then remember that before you are called to something, before you are called to some place, you are first and foremost called to someone.”

Jo Saxton


What will we do with the influence we each have? Will we stand on the sidelines or are you waiting on a sign from God that it’s time to step up? 

Gabe & Rebekah Lyons

Two Callings Under One Roof

“So much of calling is surrendering to the trajectory of the life that God has you on, and sitting in the center of it and going ‘God, what is it that you want me to learn and discover about You?’” –Rebekah Lyons

Danielle Coke

A Passion for Justice

“If you are struggling with information overload, view it as a funnel. At the top, you have all the general information you are viewing about racial injustice, then we funnel it down to topical research. After topical research, pair your passion with a cause.”

Kristen Newton

HEART Convos

“If you think about the process of growth, we don’t grow overnight. Growth doesn’t always happen with big boisterous efforts. It’s the small daily discipline to continue to lean in, to continue to fail forward.” 

The Chapman Family

A Story of Parenting and Prayer

“As much as we are learning, have learned, and are continuing to learn about who God is, his Character, and this journey for us, I think I learned just as much about the amazing sense of humor, the winsomeness of God – which isn’t something I grew up thinking about God, but just how creative he was in directing this family.” –Steven Curtis Chapman

Brett Hagler

Dream Big, Start Small

“If you guard yourself from never getting into adversity, failure or rejection, you could have a safe, predictable path. But you will not grow.”

Carlos Whittaker

Enter Wild

“Christianity was not meant to be a vacation. We are not supposed to live a nice, little   Christian life. We’re supposed to step out and be wild.”

Jesse Itzler

The Bus Ride

“The words you say create an environment in your head of what it is you are becoming.”

Latasha Morrison

Racial Reconciliation & Unity

“Justice is an act of love. Without them both, we will not move forward in this motion into reconciliation.”

Dave Evans

Designing Your Life

“Life isn’t about getting what you want, it’s about wanting what you’ve got and living fully into it.”