EDGE|X 2018

People-Centered Leadership


Tony Dungy

The Power of Helping Others

“A good coach is there to help every player reach their potential.” –Tony Dungy, Analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America, Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach

David Novak

The Power of Taking People With You

“If you really want to take people with you, you have to create an environment where everyone matters.” –David Novak, Co-Founder, Retired Chairman & CEO of Yum! Brands, Inc.

Jessica Kim

The Power of Love

“Sometimes we are in love with the pursuit of being a leader more than we love the people we are leading.” –Jessica Kim, Founder of ianacare

Newt Crenshaw

The Power of Being a Servant

“Authentic leaders go beyond their purpose and own how their leadership decisions and behaviors land on those in their organization.” –Newt Crenshaw, President & CEO of Young Life

Aaron Brockett

The Power of Turning Compassion Into Courage

“Courageous leaders step into fear and have just a little bit of crazy.” –Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor of Traders Point Christian Church

Scott Dorsey

The Power of Culture

“It’s not about preserving culture, it’s about improving it.” –Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner at High Alpha

Shauna Niequist

The Power of Being Present

“Performance is not that difficult. Character, over the long haul, is profoundly difficult.” –Shauna Niequist, New York Times Bestselling Author