EDGE|X 2016

Multiply your: Influence. Impact. Network. Value. Growth.


Mark Batterson

Leading With Boldness

“Boldness is the willingness to look foolish… The process of unlearning our fears… and it’s taking the first step before God reveals the second step.” –Mark Batterson, New York Times Bestselling Author & Lead Pastor


Bob Goff

Leading With Compassion

“We’re here to build kingdoms, not castles. Castles have motes to keep people out. Kingdoms have bridges to bring people in.” –Bob Goff, New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of Love Does

Jessica Honegger

Leading With Vision

“Vision is aspirational and seemingly impossible and meant to be informed by a God-sized reality.” –Jessica Honegger, Founder & Co-CEO of Noonday Collection

Greg McKeown

Leading With Focus

“I’m amazed by all the things Jesus didn’t do… there were tons of people he didn’t heal. Tons of people he didn’t meet. Tons of places in the world he didn’t go. He did what was essential.” –Greg McKeown, New York Times Bestselling Author of Essentialism

Zeke Turner

Creating a Culture of Excellence

“Heroes are no braver than the rest of us, they just stay in the fight 5 minutes longer… Be patient as you’re building your culture and build it slowly over time.” –Zeke Turner, Founder & CEO of Mainstreet

Dave Rodriguez

Leading With Intentionality

“Action regret is doing something you wish you hadn’t done. Inaction regret is not doing something you wish you had. You must obey what you hear and do it.” –Dave Rodriguez, CEO & Founder of Destinyworks, Founding Senior Pastor of Grace Church

Dave Neff

Moments Matter

“Sometimes the moments that impact us most happen when and with someone we least expect.” –Dave Neff, Chief Revenue Officer of Prolific, Founding CEO of EDGE Mentoring