What to Expect

Each cohort is made up of multiple mixed gender groups of 5–7 emerging leaders who are placed with a trained advisor. They meet every other week to discuss whole person development in the following areas:

  1. Accelerating Trust

  2. Personal Development & Awareness

  3. Personal Resilience & Accountability

  4. Effectively Leading in the Workplace

Program Objectives

  • Increase intellectual knowledge, emotional awareness, real-life application and behavior change of chosen topics, resulting in: furthered personal and professional growth.

  • Increase emerging leaders’ engagement at their workplaces due to increased awareness of themselves and their own autonomy.

  • Bolster social connection, mental health, and sense of community to an age group that is often cited as “lonelier than senior citizens.”

The results are in:
EDGE|Work participants say they are:

92% likely to recommend EDGE|Work to a friend or colleague.

82% able to apply at work what they have learned in EDGE|Work.

98% safe in their group to be vulnerable and candid.

92% more insightful and developed awareness about themselves and
their personality.