At the conclusion of the 9-month program, participants receive a certificate of completion for EDGE|Work’s Emerging Leaders Program, certified by Butler University Executive Education.


The success of EDGE|Work is due in large part to its fantastic EDGE|Work Advisors, a group of accomplished business owners, talent practitioners and certified coaches who are dedicated to making the EDGE|Work experience impactful for all participants.

Program Costs

$5,000 per employee

  • For employers wanting to enroll employees, EDGE|Work can be fully reimbursed by the State of Indiana through the Next Level Jobs program. EDGE will partner with you to explore reimbursement options.
  • For individuals wanting to enroll themselves, EDGE|Work often qualifies for employers’ tuition reimbursement or continuing education benefit plans. EDGE will work with you and your employer to explore funding options.


In addition, EDGE|Work includes events and workshops to network with and learn from the expansive EDGE community. These experiences are planned regularly throughout the program to foster cross-community interactions. EDGE partners with world-class organizations such as Butler University, Stanford Life Design Lab, and Telemachus to ensure that our advisors and emerging leaders receive world-class training and support.

Ideal Cohort Companies

EDGE|Work is the perfect program for companies, regardless of size or industry, that value their employees and are committed to investing in the meaningful, whole-person development of their teams.

About EDGE

EDGE is a non-profit organization headquartered in Indianapolis. Our mission is to connect generations in meaningful relationships for whole-person development. We equip and support a vast community through a variety of programs and events: EDGE|Groups, EDGE|Events, and EDGE|Work.