EDGE Mentoring Announces First-of-its-Kind Whole-Person Development Cohort Program

INDIANAPOLIS (April 14, 2020) – EDGE Mentoring is thrilled to announce the launch of EDGE|Work – a whole-person development program that leverages its proven mentoring approach through an immersive cohort experience.

The first EDGE|Work Cohort includes 39 mentors and mentees from some of Indiana’s most successful companies, including: California Closets, Elanco, KSM Consulting, Medxcel, Morales Group, Northview Church, Old Town Design Group, SHC Indiana, FirstPerson, Formstack, Remodel Health, and Terminus.

The EDGE|Work program’s foundation is built upon a robust curriculum created in partnership with Butler University and world-class training and support from Telemachus. Mentees and mentors will have bi-weekly mentoring sessions and quarterly events to network with and learn from the expansive EDGE community. Upon completion of the Program, participants will receive Certification from Butler University Executive Education.

“Successful businesses understand that their people are their biggest asset and that they must be intentional in developing their teams, both professionally and personally,” said EDGE Mentoring CEO Todd Richardson. “EDGE has focused on whole-person development for many years and is uniquely qualified to expand its product offering to the workplace through EDGE|Work.”

EDGE|Work is an immersive cohort experience that leverages EDGE’s proven mentoring approach. Certified by Butler University Executive Education, EDGE|Work is perfect for companies that want to invest in the whole-person development of their teams. To learn more, visit edgementoring.org/edge-at-work.

About EDGE Mentoring

EDGE is a faith-based national mentoring organization headquartered in Indianapolis. Driven by the power of community, EDGE connects generations in meaningful mentoring relationships for whole person growth and development. Through these intergenerational relationships, EDGE hopes to see every generation living a fully integrated life of purpose, boldness, and impact.

EDGE Mentoring supports a vast community of mentors and mentees through its three core programs: EDGE|Groups, EDGE|Events, and EDGE|Work

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