Danielle Coke

A Passion for Justice

“[My] art not only serves as an introduction to the conversation, but prompts you to do your own research and inner reflections.”

“As you are continuing the inner work, you should continue the outer work of having those conversations and calling government officials.”

“If you are struggling with information overload, view it as a funnel. At the top, you have all the general information you are viewing about racial injustice, then we funnel it down to topical research. After topical research, pair your passion with a cause.”

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About Danielle

Danielle is an illustrator, social justice advocate, and entrepreneur who makes art designed to encourage faith, inspire justice, and guide others through loving their neighbors well. Her illustrations aim to make complex issues more digestible and provide practical ways to help others make a difference in their spheres of influence.

She also runs a social media agency called So Happy Social where she helps positive, mission-based brands use social media for good. When she’s not drawing, you can find her watching a Disney movie, making music, or laughing as hard as she can.