Carlos Whittaker

Enter Wild

“The entire theme of the Bible is not love, but war. But the good news of this is: we win. It has already been said that we have won the battle and won the war.”

“I don’t want you to get to the end of 2020, I want you in this season, right now, to realize that you can be the hands and feet of Jesus right here and right now.”

“Christianity was not meant to be a vacation. We are not supposed to live a nice, little   Christian life. We’re supposed to step out and be wild.”

“Lower the volume of life to hear the volume of God.”

“How many of us are missing our promised land because we can’t stand still?”

“Pray the promise, not the problem.”

“Our help is in the natural, our hope is in the supernatural.”

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About Carlos

Carlos Whittaker is a People’s Choice Award winner, a former recording artist signed to a major label, a social media maven, and currently spends the majority of his time writing books and speaking on stages around the world. It really began when the Whittaker’s found their family in America’s spotlight with appearances on shows like CBS Early Morning, The Today Show and more when their viral video “Single Ladies Devastation” went viral. But for Carlos, his wife Heather and their three children, this viral moment was just a snapshot of the bigger picture.

The release of “Moment Maker” marked Carlos’ debut as an author, but his current book “Kill the Spider” has taken Carlos’ tribe into the deeper parts of their souls. In his newest book Carlos helps people identify, locate, corner, and kill the spiders that are plaguing their lives. “My dad once told me that I must stop clinging to cobwebs in my life and kill the spider”, Carlos recalls. “This was a massive shift in my soul that began my journey towards being truly centered in my life.”

As an adult, Carlos and his wife Heather moved from California back to Atlanta where he joined the team at Andy Stanley’s Buckhead Church. There, Carlos continued to apply ‘moment making’ into his everyday life, blogging about his experiences and recruiting his family and friends along the way. In 2009 Carlos signed a recording deal with Integrity Music and moved his family to Nashville TN. It was in Nashville where Carlos decided to make the shift from writing music to writing books. And from singing on stages to speaking on stages.

Currently Carlos is regularly teaching at churches and conferences worldwide. Including Catalyst Conference, Embrace Church, FreshLife Church, and many more.