Every group’s experience will be unique, but here are some best practices to help you as you get started.

  • Open and close each call with prayer

  • Hear updates from everyone early in call

  • Blend the dialogue and lean into the Word

  • Be okay with silence

  • Make yourself available

Meeting Flow


Each call is designed to last 60 to 90 minutes.


Calls take place two times per month at a day and time that the mentor and group choose.


Video conferencing is preferred as it allows for a much more personal relationship to be established especially early on. Being able to share in emotional expressions and seeing one another in personal, physical spaces allows for a more committed sense of engagement.

  • Some video service options include Google hangouts, Zoom, Join.Me, or Skype.


Scheduling your day and time

Using an online scheduling website makes determining when you meet very simple. There are many options out there. We’ve seen success and simplicity with doodle.com. You can find helpful how to guide on their website, as well.

Video conferencing

The options for video conferencing seem endless and the different platforms have their own advantages and drawbacks. Below, we lay out some of the services being used by our current groups, but if you have another you prefer, please feel free to use it.


Free Services


*Free up to 40 minutes
Helpful Info

How-To Guide


Cost-Involved Options





RightNow Media is like Netflix for Bible studies. It’s an amazing resource for our mentors that provides content and curriculum for your group, while also serving as a source of personal development for both mentors and mentees.

The content covers everything from financial health and marriage to family, kids and teens. Those you invite will have the opportunity to listen, study and share the resource with friends and family as well. When other users are invited, our subscription cost does not change. The RightNow Media mobile app makes it convenient to listen on-the-go.

Getting Started with RightNow Media

  1. Accept the invitation you receive via email.

  2. Set up your login.

  3. Invite your mentees to RightNow Media on the desktop website

    • Let your mentees know the invitation is coming during your first call.

    • Click CONTACTS in the upper right corner.

    • A blue box will appear that says “Add New Contacts.”

    • Enter the email addresses of your mentees.

    • Choose their role as “User.”

    • Click “Send Invitations.”

  4. Download the app to your phone (optional).

When choosing LIBRARIES in the upper left, there are various categories of content including a channel for EDGE Mentoring. On this channel, there are subcategories and content that has been used or recommended by EDGE.

Launching Your Group

Introductory call

Mentor drives conversation, each member shares quick intro and background, set expectations for the group and establish preferred communication styles (text/phone/email); set up personal lifeline activity.

Next two to three calls

Developing your Personal Lifeline: Each member does the exercise and shares with the group; mentor goes first to model the example.

Note: During the lifeline activity, determine what common threads exists between your story and your mentees’ stories. This connection will help direct where the group goes next. The thread could be something like difficulties at work, struggles with parenting or feeling distant from God. Whatever the topic may be, discovering it will give you a good place to start with your group. If you don’t know where to start, consider using the Topics Assessment tool.

Moving Forward

After these first 3-4 calls, there is no set path you have to take. Each group is unique, and sometimes the mentees’ life experiences will drive what’s next. Sometimes the group will put whatever content was planned on hold to respond to a situation that one of the mentees may share with the group. All of these variances in paths are valid – and good! Ultimately, that’s what makes the EDGE experience.