Andrew East & Shawn Johnson East

Couple Things

“Who do we see that is just unintimidated to jump in and pursue something they otherwise knew nothing about, that we could learn from in having that perspective and having that bravery––whether it’s being an entrepreneur or starting your own charitable organizations––who has done that, and how can we get connected to them and have a mutual exchange of value?” –Andrew East

“Some of our closest friends are 20 years older than us or 15 years younger. One of the reasons we love our community so much is that they have such differing opinions and aspects of their lives that give us different perspectives on everything we’re going through.” –Shawn Johnson East

“We all have a limited perspective, and it takes someone else who has a wildly different experience but cares for you and has a trajectory that is beneficial and that they’ve learned from that opens up that perspective.” –Shawn Johnson East

“There’s a certain element of confidence that you glean from knowing that the God of the Universe loves you and that you’re the Son of the King, where sometimes as humans, we think of ourselves so little, not worthy of this or not able to get through this. But no, you were made for a reason, and God made you for a purpose, and just knowing that is sometimes the only thing you can cling onto.” –Andrew East

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About Andrew

Andrew East is an NFL athlete who most recently played with the Washington Redskins. He attended Vanderbilt University where he received his Bachelors in Civil Engineering as well as his Masters in Business while being a two time captain for the football team. East gained visibility through the YouTube channel he and his wife Shawn Johnson started together which now has over 100 million views. His top 90 podcast titled Redirected focuses on those who, like him, have had interesting career pivots. The experience he has gained through his time in the digital space has led to coaching and consultation on behalf of Google for Fortune 500 companies for how to create engaging content. Andrew and Shawn recently welcomed their first child in October.

About Shawn

At 28 years old, American gymnast Shawn Johnson has accomplished a lifetime of achievements that include Olympic Medals, a New York Times best-selling book, several businesses, a career in broadcast, and a mirror ball trophy after winning Dancing With The Stars. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Shawn’s girl next door charm led her to be named “America’s Sweetheart.” After retiring from gymnastics in 2012, Shawn made appearances on several TV shows including The Apprentice and Adventure Capitalists. Shawn married Andrew East, with whom she has documented her life with on their shared Youtube channel which has over 100 million views and a podcast which has climbed to #2 on the overall charts.